Monday, October 3, 2011

Made in Italy?

“… as a consumer, I fully undersign your letter to the Corriere della Sera. As I’m sure you know, the issues you’re describing (true and fake Made in Italy) are more and more a concern. It’s not about battling against windmills or being against modern trade needs. It has to do with openly communicating to whom buys products. I have several Luciano Barbera products and they are amongst my favourites (most of all a knitted tie which is magically undestroyable: I can wear it all day long and when I drop it, there is no sign of the tie knot. That’s why it has become my official travel tie!). Your quality is extraordinary: when I wear your products, I feel the passion that has driven them.
Yours faithfully,
Luca, from Brisbane (Australia)”

Thank you, Luca, for witnessing. Made in Italy (the true way) is something I will never end fighting for. Luciano.