Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today's Style Tip

When I dress and only if I’m not formally involved, I do follow my instinct. The weather is fare, the air is warm in Biella today so I’ll dear not wearing a coat, just a felt hat and a pair of gloves. You all know well: carded flannel is my beloved fabric and these medium grey trousers are absolutely perfect. Today’s shirt is a pinstriped Oxford light blue one. A cashmere indigo gilet with a particularly tight crew-neck, so tight that you can only see the collar of the shirt and the tie I’ve chosen: a wool and cashmere white and blue chequered tie that fits perfectly. Guess what: I wear the tie above the gilet…Why not? Last but not least (air is warm, but not so much in the shade) a large weave Shetland jacket in a herringbone pattern. Red socks, geranium red socks and a paisley blue, light blue and tobacco pocket-handkerchief. I feel well. Let’s go for a morning walk.