Friday, June 15, 2012

A short reading, today...

Luciano Barbera Spring-Summer 2013 collection: Materials and Details.

For the next Spring/Summer 2013 season as well, we will focus on two cornerstones of the reputation of our brand: materials, noble, refined, tactile and details, groomed, precise, almost manic.

Here’s the linen, a lot of linen, alone or interwoven with fine wool or printed and used to make shirts, but also extremely fresh cashmere - yes, even in summer! - then fine cotton, almost impalpable, for shirts.

The colours are soft, gentle and natural because it’s Nature that we live in: ecru, beige and gray borrowed from the earth, blue and many shades of light blue from the sky and finally red, soft and with an antique flavor.

Our Spring / Summer 2013 collection invites you to use your imagination, to think outside the box, to dare new thematic approaches, without ever falling into imbalance. It 'a fresh and classic collection, designed to satisfy an elegant and wide customer base, created under the watchful eye of him who, for over forty years, has embodied Style and Italian elegance in the world.

Biella, June 2012