Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few thoughts ...

As fall clothing begins to hit the shelves of our favorite stores, it makes me take a step back and admire the sensibility we have built over time.

Everyone knows you wear wool in the winter, linen in the summer, and a straw hat from June 15th to Labor Day. Everyone is right. And therein lies the problem. Follow these rules and you will look like everyone else. Better that you display a little originality. On the gravest days of winter I put on my gray flannels, a cashmere tie in a sober color and my white linen jacket.

The pants keep me warm. The tie gains me entrée into good restaurants. The blazer reminds me that summer will come again.

Ah … the proof does exist! And could life get much better?!? I say not! The perfect cocktail, a cool fall evening, THE quintessential LB DB and a lovely companion on your arm – hot indeed!