Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Luciano Barbera Press Release

To clear up confusion and rumors going around, Luciano Barbera and Peplo SRL have issued the following press release:

18 October, 2010
Biella, IT, Italy

Lanificio Carlo Barbera & C SPA and Ciro Paone SRL have reached an agreement on the birth of a new collaboration between the two brands and the property of the Carlo Barbera Mill. The majority ownership of this new collaboration will go to the Arzano-based brand while Mr. Luciano Barbera will be retained as a consultant and designer of new collections.

The historical heritage of the Carlo Barbera Mill remains in Italian hands and the all-important "Made In Italy" concept is further strengthened from this agreement.

The Luciano Barbera brand, which has long been managed separately from the commercial activities of the mill, is not involved or included in the aforementioned agreement between Lanificio Carlo Barbera & C SPA and Ciro Paone SRL and will continue its activities producing the collections that have made the Luciano Barbera name respected over the past forty years.